Axle Overhaul Kit

General: The prices you were quoted for gears are about twice the going rate it you buy direct. Usual practice is to double the cost if you ask someone else to order 'em for you.

For most applications, gear and carriers are available, but cases are not.

1967-1970 "O" Axle Overhaul Kit:
Until now, many items required to properly overhaul an O axle were unavailable (Chevy 12 bolt parts do not interchange). Which meant reusing the old parts. This often results in premature bearing wear and shortened ring & pinion life. Our new kit includes the following items required for a complete differential overhaul and/or ring & pinion change: carrier bearings/races, pinion bearings/races, ring gear bolts, our new crush sleeve, case side shims, pinion lock nut, marking compound, Loctite pinion seal, cover gasket and sealer.

Available for all 1967 thru 1970 (A body) O axle 12 bolts. Open or Anti-Spin. Specify year and ratio. Complete kit priced at $159.95. Available only from the mechanical parts specialists at Supercars Unlimited. Where Cutlass/442 is ALL we do!

Supercars Unlimited
8029 A SW 17th
Portland, OR 97219
PH: (503) 244-8249
FX: (503) 244-9639

"O" Axle Parts:
Check with the gear suppliers that advertise in just about every worthwhile auto magazine. Ring and pinion gears are now available also. Either Perfection American or Zoom. A great dealer I have used it Drive Train Specilaties (DTS). They (as well as others) even have the shims, bearings, seals and gaskets in kit form so the rear can be set up properly.

28 Spline Axles:
If the differential has 28-spline axles, Reider Racing (313/946-9231) can fix you up.

31 Spline Axles:
If the diffential has 31-spline axles, you'll have to find an original unit and have it rebuilt.

[ Thanks to Brad Nicholson, Bob Handren for this information ]