64/65 A-body Owners


64/65 A-body Owners:

My 64 f-85 is back on the road after a 6 week hiatus on jack stands. As you may recall, the right rear axle bearing seized and ran down the bear journal on the axle, thus ruining the axle. After finding 2 other axles out of the only other 1964 and 1965 Olds that I've been able to find in N. GA (at least that had a rearend), and seeing that they both had the same problem, I took one of my bad axles to a machine shop and paid $90 for a journal repair and bearing install. Fixed, no problem (high price, I know, but when there is only one machine shop in town that will do it, and he knows it).

BEWARE. I pulled a 1966 Tempest axle and it had the same problem. Watch those rear bearings. This was a premature failure, as this bearing had no more that 40k miles on it when it siezed (it was a high quality bearing, too).

1964 and 1965 Olds owners: Olds axles are interchangable with 64/65 Buick A-bodies (and that's it!)