1949-1964 Identification



The early Olds V-8s used a "raised" intake manifold design with a separate valley cover. The later V-8 intake seals directly to the block.

Detailed Listing

Intake manifolds are cast iron unless otherwise noted.

ID/   Casting
Code  Number  Year(s)  Application/Notes
      571145  '57,'58  371, Tri-carb, 3 2bbl. Easy to spot by the 3 carb holes.
                       Mechanical linkage.
      573388  '5?
D2    580676  '61      394. 2bbl. Iron
D3    382856  '64      394, UHC 394. 4bbl. Iron.
      382855           4bbl. Iron.

1954 and 1955 324s' have smaller intake ports and valves than the 1956 engines. 1955 and earlier four barrel intake manifolds won't fit a 1956 engine unless you put a dent in the lifter valley cover. 1957 and later cylinder heads will physically bolt on to 1949 to 1956 engines, but the port matchup on intake maniflolds will be off because different cylinder deck heights are used. 1957 and later cylinder heads have larger coumbustion chambers and valves.

[ Thanks to Joe Padavano, [email protected] for this information ]