Forged 455 Crank


Forged 455 Crank

The really big news is... was this crank in a Toronado engine? No. An H/O engine [as owner said rumor was]? No. This forged steel 455 crank was right out of a freshly dismantled, numbers-matching.... 1968 455 low compression, presumably 2-V engine, car possibly equipped with a tow package. This has been confirmed by another lucky person. Supposedly forged cranks came in every 455 produced during the first month of production for the 1968 model year.

400943 crank, numbers barely visible, on the rear weight. Notch in rear face is a 'rounded-L' shape, longer than say a 425's L, and the corner is smooth, not a nice right angle. Just like Mondello's tech manual shows, except he shows a sharp corner there. Forging flash removal left a very wide "part line" as per usual for a forging. The front throw has AC stamped in it.

VIN deriv: 38M250256
Engine Unit #: 8284939
Block cast on day 15 [Jan 15]
Dist'r #1111288 8A1: '68 LC 455, made Jan01
Xst mans: A-T, cast on day 2-?
C heads, small valve, cast on day 3-13 or 13-13 [rusty]

Motor mounts were on the forward pair of holes, and only the rear block drain holes were drilled, thus negating the theory that it was an H/O motor.

[ Thanks to Chris Witt, Luke Hogan, Tony Waldner for this information ]