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1949-1964 Identification



The ID/Code is located on the top of the left center exhaust port on each head.

All used shaft mounted rockers.

ID/                         Casting
Code  Year(s)    CID  CCs   Number   Notes
 10   1949
 10   1956
 16   1957       371
 18   195?
 20              394
 23   1964       394                 Seen on 394.

Detailed Listing

Intake, Exhaust Port Sizes

1954 and 1955 324s' have smaller intake ports and valves than the 1956 engines. 1957 and later cylinder heads will physically bolt on to 1949 to 1956 engines, but the port matchup on intake maniflolds will be off because different cylinder deck heights are used. 1957 and later cylinder heads have larger coumbustion chambers and valves.

[ Thanks to [email protected] for this information ]

Combustion Chambers, CC's, Interchange

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