Oldsmobile Engines Blocks 1949-1964 Identification



On 1959-1963 engines, the 371 has gold valve covers, and the 394 has green valve covers. This could easily be changed though.

The casting number is located at the rear of the bell housing. The number are about ¾" high, and oriented to the right (passenger) side.

Year(s)     CID   Number    Color
'49 - '53   303   555614    Green
'54 - '56   324   568922    Green
'57 - '58   371
'59 - '60   371             Gold
            394             Green
'61 - '63   371             Gold
            394             Lo comp: Green, Hi Comp: Red
'64         394   585786    " This specific casting number seen on " an
                            "Ultra-High Compression" engine.
                            The number "4 1/8" follows casting number.

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If you want to build these first generation Olds Rocket engines, consider getting in touch with some of the oldtimer nostalgia racers who have raced these Olds V-8's. The famous "Woods, Stone, and Cook" 1941 Willys was powered by a blown Olds. A lot of Willys-Overland gasers used the Rocket block for power. Don "Big Daddy" Garlits knows some of these people - he might be a person to contact. Southern California might be a place to start looking!

Try 1-800-FAST-88S. They carry a lot of parts for the mid 50's cars.

[ Thanks to Scott R. Clark, Clayton Pierce, Ray Woodward for this information ]