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Engine Paint


Engine Paint

It's always good to match your paint before getting rid of the old because some companies get the color close, but not close enough. You will find each seller's paint shade differs a little bit.

Urethane, if you can get it, lasts longer. Some sources for correct colors:

Silvery Metallic Blue
Bill Hirsch's Old Blue paint
Brother's Olds Blue paint
NAPA Auto Parts Olds Blue paint
Specialty Olds Blue paint
Year One Olds Blue paint
Brothers Auto (800-442-7278) bronze engine paint is correct.
Check Plasti-kote Cadillac gold. It is a little bright at first, but it mellows out after a couple of days.
Check Dupli-color Ford gold. It is very close.
Ford red is real close to Oldsmobile red.
Any color
Fusick's - about $9 a can.
NAPA - about $4-5 a can.
Supercars Unlimited (503-244-8249) - about $8 per can. Correct color is guaranteed.
1964-1972 330/350 gold, part number 14-214
1965-1969 400 bronze, part number 14-218
1965-1968 425, 455 red, part number 14-260
1970-1985 350/455 blue, part number 14-216
[ Thanks to Walter, Danny, Mark Prince, Everett, Todd Wallin Greg Beaulieu for this information ]
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